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57Vette 07-10-2017 08:10 PM

Front-End Makeover Done!
It took almost forever, but I'm pretty much done with the front end of this car for 2017 at least from a mechanical point of view. Installed the following:

Wilwood Master Cylinder
Wilwood proportioning valve
Wilwood calipers
CPP slotted rotors
New bearings
'96 JGC Quick Steering Box
Helix upper and lower control arms
Tuff Stuff 8" dual booster
ProForged tall upper ball joints
ProForged lower ball joints
ProForged tie rod ends and sleeves
Hooker Competition headers

Car sat too low with Hotchkis 2" drop springs, and tubular arms, so we used 3/4" Global West coil spacers to get it back to where I wanted it. I had hoped it would've all gone together quickly, but I got the wrong parts a couple of times and the global west spacers wound up giving me back an inch and a half in height. Car finally came off the lift last Friday. Got to go get her aligned this week with specs from Dave Pozzi.

Even though it's just a "redneck" alignment, the addition of the JGC steering box is incredible when compared with the original crap Chevy stuck in this car. Nice and firm, quick, lotsa feedback... a stiffer sway bar will help even more.

DavidS 07-11-2017 12:44 PM

Nice! You definitely got a lot done.

ZFreie 07-11-2017 01:36 PM

Must be a blast to drive compared to where it was before the mods.

57Vette 07-11-2017 04:48 PM

Thanks... my only gripe is how long it took to get all the right parts. I thought I had everything, but got sent wrong stuff twice, and I wasn't going to do the lower control arms just the top... then I figured while it was all apart why not do it now.

LOL, I'm still messing with the proportioning valve to get it as best I can. Friggin rain is killing me. Plus I have to get an appointment to align it. But just from the steering point of view, it's Night and Day.

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