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Default Misfire

So i went to the track a few weeks ago. Car was running fine then i had a SES light flash at me. When im in 3rd and 4th gear i can feel a power loss/ stumble. I stopped racing checked everything out, nothing seemed out of the ordinary and it sounded ok. SES went away. When i got home i checked all the plug wires and i had an extra set of plugs in the closet so i swapped all of them out. It just hit me that a few weeks before i went racing i was in a hurry so i filled up with 93 from a small local crap hole. I wasnt sure if it was the gas causing the stumble or if a plug some how got fouled up. I took the car out on the street making a few runs. I still felt like i had a slight stumble but no light came on. On friday i went back to the track. Ran a few 13.0's at 110. Car seemed to lose power again. On the third run the ses light started flashing. I brought my scanner with me this time, plugged it in and got the p308 code for misfire on the number 8 cylinder. Does anyone know how to check the coil?
The plugs are brand new. I inspected the wires but i should take another look. I want to check the coil now. Any other input would be great thank you.

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