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the sensor level lets you know when your low, the presure lets you know when its so low that you are fucking your shit up. so one is sort of a phone call saying hay check your oil the other one is like swat kicking in your door in the middle of the night draging you out of your house and putting a gun to your head.
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Little over the top boomer. and if your not a meat head and check your god damn oil like Well your supposed to everyfill up WELL then youll be fine with out it!!! haha and just try unplugging it and using a jumper wire across the 2 terminals on the sensor pigtail. thats what i have on mine!! haha Don had put in an extra quart for me cuz the light had come on. The fuckin thing isnt even hooked up!! haha glad he was looking out for me. i felt like a douche at that point. ANYWAY do that and it will turn off that idiot light. make sure you can get sumthing to thread into that hole and then your all set. i think it an 18mm thread if im not mistaken.

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